Patient Feedback

Now that you’ve had your say, we listened.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Practice Accreditation and improvement survey.

Here are a few recurring points that we wanted to address.

1.   Our fees are too high.

Response: Our fees have not changed since early 2020 and this year was the first time, we increase our fees by $5.00. Unfortunately, this increase was introduced as the cost for our medical supplies was increasing yet the Medicare rebate was staying as it was.

2.   Change visuals on thewalls every year, grey is not a color!

Response: This is a costly exercise, and we try our best to change them around as much as possible. We have received very favorable comments surrounding our painting and pictures on the walls.

I found it hard to find any greys on our walls. Our wall color is actually called ¼strength Ghostly by Dulux.

3.   Reduce waiting times:

Response: we try our best to run on time, but occasionally emergencies take preference over appointments which means appointment times run late. When this is the case, we always inform our patients of the waiting time increase and offer to make an appointment later (if available).

When emergencies have not been responsible for the extended time, we will address these concerns with your nominated doctor.

Positive feedback

"Staff are very friendly"

"Very well-run clinic, very comfortable for all health aspects"

"We Love them, the service is excellent already"

"My observation of the practice is that is IS Best practice"

"My doctor is selfless"

"Excellent service and care"

"Very happy no improvement needed"

"Excellent service and care, thank you"

Response: what else can I say but thank you! We are sincerely happy that your have provided us with such positive feedback.

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