Positive attitude

We all see the world through our own eyes, which is why the adage about the half-full glass is apt. The difference is not the amount of water in the glass but the way we see it.

Having a positive attitude can be seen astrite or even linked to the American self-helpmovement – but don’t dismiss it. We all feelbetter when we take a positive view onthings. It gives us hope, keeps us motivatedand helps us get through events in life.

Having a positive attitude does not mean we see everything as good and does not meansome things don’t make us sad. It meansthat we look for the proverbial silver liningin any situation. It means that we start froma position of “ I can make this work” ratherthan “I don’t think this will work”.

When it rains, we can choose to grumbleabout needing an umbrella or be happy thatthe plants get water. When stuck in traffic,we can stress about the car in front of us orbe glad to have some quiet time to listen tomusic.

We have choices in life.

In any situation, getting you down askyourself this simple question - what isthe worst thing that can happen. You willgenerally be pleasantly surprised at howbenign the answer is.